Your Right to Use an IPAD for Grievance Handling

Local 804 is the first Teamster local in the country to win the right for shop stewards to use iPads and other tablets to process grievances and represent members.

Local 804 took up the fight. When a National Grievance Panel deadlocked on the issue, Local 804 took the case to arbitration. At the 11th hour, UPS folded and signed a settlement agreement.

Shop stewards have the right to use an iPad or other tablet at work, as long as it is for the purpose of performing their duties as shop steward.

When there is a hearing, “the steward shall be given a reasonable opportunity to retrieve a stored device” Stewards cannot use iPads or tablets for audio or video recording.

Shop stewards can download EZ grievance forms and other contract enforcement materials from the 804 website. Put technology to work for you.