• Feb. 2017 Membership Meeting

    Show UPS that we are united and ready to fight for a fair contract! To win the contract we deserve in 2018, we must prepare now. Join your Local 804 brothers and sisters on Sunday.

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  • Oppose National “Right to Work”

    A national “Right to Work” bill has been introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives. For years, anti-worker politicians have passed state laws that have resulted in weaker worker protections and lower pay and benefits. Now big business is pushing for a national law and other legislation to weaken collective bargaining rights.

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  • UPS/Local 804 Panel

    Local 804 reps are working hard to make the UPS grievance process work for the membership. At the beginning of 2016,we quickly began working through the backlog of cases. Many grievances have been settled before reaching the Panel. The overwhelming majority of grievances going to panel have been won in favor of members.

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  • President's Message

    Local 804 is Stronger Than Ever

    With this Administration’s first year in office, Local 804 is getting stronger and stronger. We are creating greater accountability, implementing procedures to run the local better and repairing our neglected union hall. Issues are getting resolved on the shop floor. BAs are in the shops resolving grievances. No one person can make a union stronger; it takes the hard work of many. From the officers and staff who have sorted through endless boxes of files and old grievances to the shop stewards who give up their free time so they can do their jobs better, we are building a stronger union.

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  • Charges Against Former Local 804 Officers to Be Heard

    A routine Local 804 audit uncovered nearly $200,000 removed from the union’s general account at the end of the last administration’s term in office. It appears that some former officers and business agents took between $4,407 and $19,834 each without the approval of the incoming officers or membership, a violation of both Local 804 by-laws and the IBT constitution.

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  • Time to Check Your Driving Record

    Over the next couple of weeks, UPS will be reviewing reports on the licenses of every member that drives for them.  Have you checked your Driver Record Abstract to make sure you have no violations? If you have a driving infraction, eventually management will find out and you risk discipline or termination for not informing the company. To avoid any surprises, check your driving record annually.


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  • Teamster Center Services: There for You and Your Family

    Teamster Center Services (TCS) is an important resource for Local 804 Health Fund participants. Founded in 1962, the center provides Teamsters with help in getting the right mental health, family counseling, substance abuse and rehabilitation services, both in-patient and out-patient.

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  • Injured on the Job?

    • Report the Injury Immediately to Your Supervisor
    • Bring a Witness When You Are Reporting Your Injury. 

    • Seek Medical Care Right Away. 

    • Get a Workers’ Comp Attorney.
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  • DOT Hours of Service

    By law, a trucking company has the option to follow either the 70-hour or 60-hour regulation. To offset the effects of fatigue, drivers are not allowed to drive if they have been on duty for 60 hours over the last 7 days, or 70 hours over the last 8 days. This is a federal rule and is therefore not a contract issue.

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  • Called Into the Office?

    • Ask for Your Steward.
    • Stay Calm.
    • Keep It Simple.
    • Be Honest.
    • File a Grievance.
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  • Unity Walk 2016

    Out for a good cause. Business Agent Ken Hoskey, second from right.

    Members of Local 804 came out in the drenching rain to support the Unity Walk organized by the Community Concern Network. The event was held near the UPS Foster Avenue facility in Brooklyn.

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  • Is the Doctor In-Network? Check the App!


    The Local 804 Welfare Trust Fund’s new app is live and available for download on your smart phone. You can use the app to see if a doctor is in the Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield network.

    Using in-network doctors will cost you less.

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  • JRH Fund Scholarships

    grad cap

    Applications are available for the 2017-18 school year! Get information on the JRH memorial scholarship fund's Academic and Training & Vocational Scholarships.  Applications are due March 31st.

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  • City Harvest Workers Vote to Extend Contract!

    The drivers of City Harvest unanimously approved a one-year extension to their contract.  Highlights include a 3% raise, a $560 bonus and retro pay.  Members came out in force to participate in negotiations.  Along with Business Agents Alex Zelada and Joe Forcelli, they put forth their concerns to management.  After rounds of negotiations, members unanimously approved a contract they played an active role in creating.

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  • Beekman Center Driver Wins $1,295 for Grievance

    From left, Jamie Rodriguez, Vice President Danny Montalvo and Shop Steward Scott Smith celebrate.

    More than three years ago, Jamie Rodriquez suffered a work related injury. He carefully followed all the procedures and went out on workers comp. Once he recovered, he was cleared by his doctor and tried to return to work. But UPS kept him out for weeks longer than they should have.

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  • Local 804 Children Win James P. Hoffa Scholarships

    grad cap

    The children of four Local 804 members have been awarded JPH Scholarships. The winning students are Jeanmarie Egan, Anne Bevin, Tara Englehardt, Nicole Moy and Alexander Moy. Jean-marie was one of the top national recipients, winning $10,000 toward her education. Tara and Alexander were also awarded Local 804 scholarships. Congratulations to the scholars and their parents!

  • New Contract for Trump Village Members

    Local 804 members at Trump Village unanimously ratified a new 5-year contract. The agreement preserves health benefits and pensions and provides annual raises as well as a signing bonus. By the end of the contract, weekly pay will increase by nearly $100.

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  • Lights, Camera, Teamster Women in Action

    By Dorothy Hanlon

    More than 1,300 Teamsters gathered in Hollywood, CA for the 16th annual Teamsters Women's Conference. The spirit of sisterhood and solidarity was strong as the three-day event got under way. This year's conference was titled “Lights, Camera, Teamster Women in Action." The conference promotes the importance of making a difference, which can be achieved by our dedication to and determination of our union.

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  • Full Pensions for Local 804’s 22.3 Workers!


    Persistence has paid off for Local 804 members. In violation of the contract, UPS did not provide 22.3 members with full-time work in the late 1990’s. The union arbitrated and in 2000 won back pay for workers for 1998 and 1999.

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  • Combo Helpers Win Travel Time Pay

    Teamsters Local 804 won the fight for travel pay. UPS Combo Helpers will now be paid for the time they spend traveling on the job. They will receive full pay going forward, as well as back pay. To receive back pay, Combo Helpers must fill out a questionnaire and return it to their Steward, Business Agent or to the Local 804 office.

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