• 804 Supplement Negotiations Continue

    UPS van NYC

    This past week, Local 804 joined many other locals that were brought to Minneapolis, Minnesota in hopes of reaching tentative Supplemental Agreements. Simply put, Local 804 and UPS do not agree.

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  • June 15th Local 804 Negotiation Update: Fighting “Dishonesty” Abuse

    Focusing on members’ top priorities of harassment and discipline, the Local 804 Bargaining Committee resumed contract negotiations with UPS On June 14th and 15th. At the prior meeting, Local 804 presented the Company with its Article 12 Discharge or Suspension proposal. This proposal was in response to the Company’s repeated violation of Article 12.

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  • Local 804 Supplemental Contract Proposals

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  • America may soon face its biggest labor strike in decades.

    strike Authorization

    The Teamsters and UPS could be heading toward the nation's largest strike in decades.  Read the CNN Money article.

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  • Message from S-T Piccinich Regarding Brother Villalta

    Dear Local 804 Members,

    You may have heard something about President Eddie Villalta having a problem, so I am writing everyone to explain the facts thus far.

    About two weeks ago, Eddie told some executive board members and business agents that he was being blackmailed by a member claiming he had a video of him with a woman who was not his wife. Eddie said it was personal and had nothing to do with Local 804. Eddie’s claim was not true.

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  • UPS Strike-Authorization Vote


    UPS Teamsters will vote soon to consider giving their respective negotiating committees the right to call a strike, if necessary. Members should receive mailed ballot information by May 21st. All votes, by phone or internet, are due Sunday, June 3rd. The ballot count is Tuesday, June 5th.

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  • Local 804 Puts UPS on Notice for Labor Action

    cease Desist det

    In violation of the contract and an arbitrator’s ruling, UPS management at the Foster Avenue building has been using part-time workers to do the work of full-time DCAP clerks. On May 3rd, Local 804 President Villalta sent a letter to UPS stating, “.. the Union hereby invokes the provisions of the CBA, including Article 18, Section 4 of the Supplemental Agreement, and will take any action it deems appropriate under the circumstances, as permitted by that provision, including work stoppage or strike.”

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  • 804 Contract Committee Stands Firm on Member Demands

    mar Comm meeting detail

    The Local 804 Supplemental Contract Negotiation Committee has met numerous times with management over the past few months.  But to date, talks have not resulted in any areas of agreement.

    pdf Download the List of Local 804 Demands (256 KB)

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  • 2018-19 Local 804 Scholarship Recipients

    Ten children of Local 804 members have been awarded scholarships from the Dougherty Scholarship Fund this year.  Each scholarship recipient will receive $1,500 per year over four years.  Congratulations to the scholars and their proud parents!

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  • Raises for Corporate Coffee Techs

    Corporate Coffee

    Thanks to their newly ratified contract, 8 technicians at Corporate Coffee are receiving higher pay. These Local 804 members, who service and install coffee brewers in New York City offices, will also benefit from stronger contract language.

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  • UPS Contract Supplemental Negotiations Update!

    Local 804 negotiators met with UPS reps on March 14 and 15, where the company rejected union proposals addressing several issues, including excessive overtime, double-time all year round for Sunday work, and an extra holiday.

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  • Serving Members’ Financial Needs for 40 Years

    CU40thLOGO det

    The original mission of the Local 804 Federal Credit Union has not changed: To provide quality financial products aimed to enhance the well-being and quality of life of our membership through encouraged thrift, savings, and the wise use of credit.

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  • Avoid Benefit Disruptions


    Have you moved?  If you have, be sure and provide the union or health fund with your new address.  An incorrect address can cause delays in accessing benefits for yourself and your family.  We also want to make sure you receive union information and news.  

    To update your information, call Sharon or Cathy at the union hall (718) 786-5700. 

  • City Harvest Members Celebrate New Contract

    City Harvest vote det

    After months of tough negotiations, Local 804 members unanimously approved a new contract. City Harvest members won substantial raises, additional paid days off and retro pay. In addition to higher wages, they will also maintain their health and retirement benefits.

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  • Local 804 S-T Report on Former 804 Officers Ordered to Repay Union Funds

    PiccinichAs you are aware, I charged Tim Sylvester, Jim Reynolds, and the former Executive Board with the unauthorized vacation payout of $197,000 in their last week in office in direct violation of the Local 804 By-Laws and the IBT Constitution. Hearings were held at the Union Hall.

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  • President's Message

    Eddie Villalta, President, Principal Officer,Teamsters Local 804

    Standing Together, Fighting One Fight!

    UPS contract negotiations are heating up. We are back to the table after sending a strong message to management: we cancelled December negotiations to protest the way our members were being treated during the holiday rush.

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  • Local 804 Committee Rejects UPS Givebacks


    At our supplemental bargaining session of February 15th 2018 the Local 804 contract negotiation committee has outright rejected Company proposals to:

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  • Dreaming of Retirement? Start Planning Now!

    Howard Marjie Seras

    Who hasn’t thought about how great it will be to finally retire? Local 804 members work hard for their retirement benefits – pension, 401k and health. Preserving benefits is always a top priority in contract negotiations. Careful planning will go a long way toward enjoying a happy and secure retirement. That’s why Local 804 provides members with free professional financial planning.

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  • Free DOT Exams, Wellness Program at Union Offices

    Baseline Truck

    Baseline Health provides workplace D.O.T and Preventative wellness physicals that provides union members convenient access to these programs by bringing the physician’s office right to the union office. We have scheduled the mobile bus to offer these services to our members with following dates and locations:

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  • Local 804’s Initial Contract Proposals

    Our supplemental committee is “of the people” in all job classifications and our proposals are “by the people” from thousands of proposal submissions. Our initial proposals lay out members' priorities.

      pdf Download Flyer (895 KB)

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