• UPS Part-Timer Rights During Peak Season

    Supervisors have been incorrectly telling part-timers that they can’t go out as driver helpers because they are using seasonal employees instead.

    This is against the contract and you have a right to file a grievance.

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  • UPS Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule

    According to our Collective Bargaining Agreement, the day after Thanksgiving is a specified holiday. The contract states in no uncertain terms that:

    "No employees shall be scheduled to work on a Sunday or any of the holidays specified in this agreement."

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  • New Contract for Trump Village Members

    Local 804 members at Trump Village unanimously ratified a new 5-year contract. The agreement preserves health benefits and pensions and provides annual raises as well as a signing bonus. By the end of the contract, weekly pay will increase by nearly $100.

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  • Lights, Camera, Teamster Women in Action

    By Dorothy Hanlon

    More than 1,300 Teamsters gathered in Hollywood, CA for the 16th annual Teamsters Women's Conference. The spirit of sisterhood and solidarity was strong as the three-day event got under way. This year's conference was titled “Lights, Camera, Teamster Women in Action." The conference promotes the importance of making a difference, which can be achieved by our dedication to and determination of our union.

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  • Full Pensions for Local 804’s 22.3 Workers!


    Persistence has paid off for Local 804 members. In violation of the contract, UPS did not provide 22.3 members with full-time work in the late 1990’s. The union arbitrated and in 2000 won back pay for workers for 1998 and 1999.

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  • Combo Helpers Win Travel Time Pay

    Teamsters Local 804 won the fight for travel pay. UPS Combo Helpers will now be paid for the time they spend traveling on the job. They will receive full pay going forward, as well as back pay. To receive back pay, Combo Helpers must fill out a questionnaire and return it to their Steward, Business Agent or to the Local 804 office.

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  • IBT International Officers Election

    IBT Vote  pdf Notice of Election
    (235 KB)

      pdf Candidate Forum Video Information (227 KB)

  • Retirement Planning Seminars

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  • Your Choice: Workers’ Comp. Doctors

    Local 804 members have the right to go to the Workers’ Compensation doctor of their choice when injured on the job. While the company may try to steer you to one of their preferred physicians, you have the right to pick your own.

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  • Stay on Top of DOT Infractions

    Every year, UPS gets reports on the licenses of every member that drives for them. If you have a driving infraction, eventually management will find out and you risk discipline or termination for not informing the company. To avoid any surprises, check your driving record annually.


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  • Local 804 Kicks Off Trump Village Contract Negotiations

    Trump Village

    Trump Village workers, including negotiation committee members Thomas McDonald (left, top row) Gilbert Rivera (4th from right, top row) and Steward Carlos Velazquez (bottom right)

    Local 804 and Trump Village management held their first negotiation on Thursday, May 12th. The session focused on critical non-monetary issues raised by members in meetings with Local 804 leadership. Worker contract priorities include obtaining a 5-year agreement to provide members with economic stability, employer-funded training and licensure leading to opportunities for advancement within the company, as well continuing to participation in the Local 804 Health Fund.

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  • Global Day of Action for $15

    Through unified action, we reached our goal of raising the New York State minimum wage to $15! We rallied, we lobbied and made our voices heard. On April 14th, Local 804 members rallied in a Global Day of Action in Manhattan, where we celebrated achieving our goal and demanded that other states raise their minimum wage to $15.

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  • Knowledge is Power! April Steward Training


    A strong and effective steward network is central to a strong union.  Nearly 50 stewards and alternates came out to Local 804’s union hall to take part in an informative training seminar.  Stewards volunteered to participate in the full-day event on Saturday, April 2nd.  Attendees ranged from a newly minted steward with three months experience to Sean White, who is a 38-year member with more than three decades as a steward under his belt.

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  • President's Message

    villalta 220

    Strength in Unity

    Thank you for the honor of serving as your union President.  I am humbled and will never forget that it is the members who elected me and it is the members that I serve.  On behalf of the entire Executive Board, I can tell you that our top priority is to provide the best possible representation for each and every member of Local 804.  

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  • Trouble Ahead? Amazon Now Deliveries

    When online retailer Amazon announced that it would begin offering one and two-hour delivery in New York to its Prime customers, the media and customers cheered. But this new delivery service is not good news for Local 804 members – it means fewer deliveries being handled by traditional shippers such as UPS. Like FedEx, Amazon is cutting costs by paying less for labor, specifically by misclassifying workers as independent contractors.

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  • Take Action! ALEC: Bad for UPS, Worse for You

    Through the corporate-funded American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), large corporations and politicians work behind closed doors to try to rewrite state laws to weaken your rights. These so-called "model bills" reach into almost every area of American life and often directly benefit huge corporations.

    UPS spends hundreds of thousands of dollars supporting ALEC.

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