• Daily News: UPS forcing drivers to work 70-hour weeks with mandatory overtime requirement during holidays

    Villalta Daily News

    This Christmas, UPS drivers are getting the gift of overtime — whether they want it or not. United Parcel Service on Dec. 1 called for mandatory overtime for its drivers across the country — although not every shop has had to immediately implement the new hours.

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  • New York Times: Online Shopping: Disrupting Retail, and Drivers’ Lives

    NYT Dwyer

    At lunchtime Thursday, Miguel Lopez paused on his rounds in Elmhurst, Queens. He got hired part-time for United Parcel Service when he was 23. That was two decades ago. A small start-up mail order company called Amazon was then in its early days selling books online, a blip that became a behemoth. The part-time job has ballooned so much that what is part-time is his life outside work.

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  • Local 804 Demands UPS Cease and Desist on Forced 70-Hour Week, Cancels Scheduled Contract Talks

    cease desist

    Local 804 President Villalta has demanded that the Company cease and desist from implementing a mandatory 70-hour workweek for package drivers and has warned management that the Union will take any and all lawful actions to ensure the safety of our members and the general public.

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  • Local 804 Demands UPS End Forced 70-hour Week for Package Drivers

    In violation of the UPS-Local 804 supplement agreement, the company is unilaterally forcing package drivers to work a 6th day.  This action seriously threatens the safety and health of Local 804 members and is a violation of their rights.  Read the letter President Villalta sent to UPS on Dec. 1st. Local 804 union leaders have filed a grievance, and are working with our attorneys to file an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) with the National Labor relations Board and to take further legal action.  Our contract contains procedures for working a sixth day, which UPS is violating.  Local 804 union officials will continue to fight this illegal change.  Package drivers should contact their union representative with any questions.

  • UPS Teamsters Unite

    804 177 photo

    Winning a fair contract takes all of us fighting together - one voice, one union.  Local 804’s leadership has been reaching out to UPS Locals across the country to strengthen our alliances as we head to the bargaining table.  President Villalta said, “While there are differences between Local supplements and benefits, every UPS worker wants the same thing: fairness on the job and a good contract.  By working closely with other UPS Locals, including IBT Local 177 in New Jersey, we are creating a united front.  Our goal is to lift all Teamsters.”

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  • Lower Retiree Health Costs, Improved Optical Benefits

    804 Welfare Fund

    Beginning January 1st, Local 804 retirees will pay less for their health care with no reduction in benefits.  The new retiree health premium payments are as follows: Single retiree reduced to $200 per month; Retiree plus one dependent reduced to $300 per month; and Retiree plus 2 or more dependents reduced to $450 per month.

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  • UPS Part-Timer Rights During Peak Season

    Supervisors have been incorrectly telling part-timers that they can’t go out as driver helpers because they are using seasonal employees instead.

    This is against the contract and you have a right to file a grievance.

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  • President's Message

    Eddie Villalta

    UPS Negotiations: Your Participation is Key to Victory!

    As we approach the holidays, I want you to know that, two years into my administration’s term in office, your benefit funds are stronger than at any time in recent memory. And they are growing. Your annuity, health, and pension funds are all moving in the right direction.

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  • Local 804 Members on the Ground for Puerto Rico Recovery

    Zamot Mayor Cruz det

    Local 804 members have been deeply moved by the plight of the people in Puerto Rico struggling to survive in the wake of Hurricane Maria.   With the island’s infrastructure obliterated, residents have gone weeks without access to electricity, food, clean water and medication.  When the call came for volunteers, two Local 804 UPS members, Shop Steward George Zamot, Brush Ave., and Carlos Perez, 43rd Street Feeder, didn’t hesitate.

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  • Teamster Local 804 Hurricane Relief Collection Drive

    Our union will be shipping key supplies urgently needed by Hurricane victims in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.  The following items are needed:

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  • Teamsters Helping Teamsters

    Teamsters Brothers and Sisters in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico have been devastated by hurricanes Harvey, Maria and Irma.  Click below to help them recover by donating to the Teamster Disaster Relief Fund.

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  • Oppose National “Right to Work”

    A national “Right to Work” bill has been introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives. For years, anti-worker politicians have passed state laws that have resulted in weaker worker protections and lower pay and benefits. Now big business is pushing for a national law and other legislation to weaken collective bargaining rights.

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  • Local 804 UPS Pension In Yellow Zone

    pensionBinder large

    Thanks to careful management, increased company contributions and favorable investments, our pension is out of the red zone and is currently on track to be fully funded. That’s great news for active and retired workers, but as long-time members know, we can never take our benefits for granted.

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  • Fighting for a New UPS Contract!

    The UPS National Contract and Local 804 Supplement both expire next year. However, Local 804 members must PREPARE NOW.
    Strong contracts don’t just happen without a lot of hard work. Your Local 804 leadership is committed to putting all our resources toward getting a fair UPS contract.

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  • Empowerment Through Education: TNBC Convention

    The Local 804 Delegation at the Teamster National Black Caucus Conference.  From left: Business Agent Mark Johnson, Shop Steward Darryn Maddicks, Organizer Kenroy Statia, Business Agent Ken Hoskey and Trustee Dwight Phillip.
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  • UPS Package Driver Wins $6,000 in Back Pay

    Driver Peter Williams (center) was happy to receive his check for back pay.

    For six years, Fordham Center driver Peter Williams was not paid for his “coffee bonus”.   He filed a grievance three years ago, but was unsuccessful.  Williams didn’t give up. He spoke with Trustee Kirk Shocker and Shop Steward Andrew Padilla, who took up his case and won.   Williams is now receiving his full pay and was issued a $6,000 check for back pay.

  • 2017-18 Local 804 Scholarship Recipients

    Ten children of Local 804 members have been awarded scholarships from the Dougherty Scholarship Fund this year – twice the number of awards distributed in previous years. Congratulations to the scholars and their proud parents!

    View this year’s winners

  • Free Retirement Planning Seminars

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  • Stand with Striking Spectrum Workers!

    Local 3 IBEW cable technicians at Charter/Spectrum Communications have been on strike since March.   Talks with Charter, which acquired former Spectrum parent Time Warner Cable last year, have not gone well. Spectrum refuses to contribute to the workers' pension and medical plan.  Local 804 members will not cross their picket lines and we will join them wherever we are needed.

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  • Making Technology Work for Members

    UPS has used technology to build one of the largest and most successful delivery services in the world.  Unfortunately, the company has used that same technology to harass and discipline workers.  In addition to calling the company out on any contract violations, Local 804 stewards are leading the way for making technology work for union members.

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