• Fighting for a New UPS Contract!

    The UPS National Contract and Local 804 Supplement both expire next year. However, Local 804 members must PREPARE NOW.
    Strong contracts don’t just happen without a lot of hard work. Your Local 804 leadership is committed to putting all our resources toward getting a fair UPS contract.

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  • Request for Contract Proposals

    In the coming weeks, Local 804 Reps. will be coming to UPS locations to distribute and collect member contract proposals.  These proposals will be forwarded to the IBT package division for review by the national negotiation committee.  Early this fall, Local 804 will also be distributing our own local union contract survey. 

    Download the forms

    Completed forms must be in by Sept. 1st - Mail to Local 804 or email to executiveboard@teamsterslocal804.org

  • UPS Package Driver Wins $6,000 in Back Pay

    Driver Peter Williams (center) was happy to receive his check for back pay.

    For six years, Fordham Center driver Peter Williams was not paid for his “coffee bonus”.   He filed a grievance three years ago, but was unsuccessful.  Williams didn’t give up. He spoke with Trustee Kirk Shocker and Shop Steward Andrew Padilla, who took up his case and won.   Williams is now receiving his full pay and was issued a $6,000 check for back pay.

  • 2017-18 Local 804 Scholarship Recipients

    Ten children of Local 804 members have been awarded scholarships from the Dougherty Scholarship Fund this year – twice the number of awards distributed in previous years. Congratulations to the scholars and their proud parents!

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  • Free Retirement Planning Seminars

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  • Stand with Striking Spectrum Workers!

    Local 3 IBEW cable technicians at Charter/Spectrum Communications have been on strike since March.   Talks with Charter, which acquired former Spectrum parent Time Warner Cable last year, have not gone well. Spectrum refuses to contribute to the workers' pension and medical plan.  Local 804 members will not cross their picket lines and we will join them wherever we are needed.

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  • Making Technology Work for Members

    UPS has used technology to build one of the largest and most successful delivery services in the world.  Unfortunately, the company has used that same technology to harass and discipline workers.  In addition to calling the company out on any contract violations, Local 804 stewards are leading the way for making technology work for union members.

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  • Local 804 Supports Guinta’s Meat Market Workers

    Guinta’s Meat Farm workers, represented by UFCW Local 342, are striking for a fair contract that meets industry standards and for full union rights.  Workers are asking for Long Island customers to shop elsewhere and join them on the picket line to show your support.

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  • Congratulations Clare Rose Workers!

    After nearly three months, our Teamster Local 812 brothers have won their strike! They ratified a contract that preserves their pensions and provides fair wages.  We were proud to stand with Clare Rose workers by honoring their pickets and joining them on the line. This is a victory for all workers.  Employers take note -  Teamsters united will never be defeated!

  • Stewards Training Focuses on Winning Grievances

    Our contract guarantees our wages and benefits.  But just as important, it safeguards our rights.  That is why our grievance process is so important.  It’s up to us as union members to ensure that grievances are handled correctly, because when they are, we protect the membership and reduce management abuses.

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  • Pension Fund Status Continues to Improve

    Goes from Red to Yellow Zone

    Local 804 members and retirees received good news on January 1st when the retirement fund was notified that its funding status had moved out of the red zone and into the yellow. 

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  • City Harvest Member Solidarity

    Local 804 members at City Harvest take time to meet with Local 804 officers and representatives at a recent shop visit.  The union will be negotiating a new City Harvest contract this year.

  • President's Message

    A Fitting Farewell

    It is never easy saying goodbye to the people we care about. That was certainly the case in the untimely death of brother Wally Weidtman. The number of mourners paying their respects and the depth of their grief are a testament to the profound effect he had on the lives of others. Be that through his work in our union, in the community or as a committed father, husband and friend.

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  • Wally Weidtman 1966-2017

    We are saddened to announce the sudden passing of our friend and brother Wally Weidtman. Wally, who served as a Local 804 Trustee and Business Agent beginning in 2016, will be greatly missed. Our deepest sympathies go out to his family.


  • Oppose National “Right to Work”

    A national “Right to Work” bill has been introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives. For years, anti-worker politicians have passed state laws that have resulted in weaker worker protections and lower pay and benefits. Now big business is pushing for a national law and other legislation to weaken collective bargaining rights.

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  • Part-Timers in the Hall!

    PartTime group

    For the first time in Local 804 history, a special membership meeting was held at the union hall to discuss the specific needs and concerns of UPS Part-Time workers. Over 50 attended! Shop Stewards and members discussed how best to protect their jobs and strengthen the union.

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  • A Big Welcome to Our New Brothers!

    Local 804 held its first new member orientation Saturday, March 25th. Dozens of new UPS workers came to the union hall to meet Local 804 leaders, learn about the role of the union and have their questions answered.

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  • Free CDL Classes - 2017 Applications Available

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  • Unite & Fight: UPS Contract 2018

    Local 804 kicked off its contract campaign at the February 26th General Membership meeting. More than 400 members attended on Sunday, launching our mobilization for a fair contract.

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  • UPS/Local 804 Panel

    Local 804 reps are working hard to make the UPS grievance process work for the membership. At the beginning of 2016,we quickly began working through the backlog of cases. Many grievances have been settled before reaching the Panel. The overwhelming majority of grievances going to panel have been won in favor of members.

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