• November 2nd Contract Update

    Pres Montalvo headshot

    Dear Local 804 Members,

    The Local 804 Negotiation Committee met with the company for a marathon session on Thursday, November 1.  For the first time, the company agreed, in concept, to several key union proposals such as:

    • $400 - $500 pension increase
    • Protections from the creation of 22.4 drivers, including:
      110 additional 22.3 positions
      20 additional porter/carwash positions
    • Stronger Article 12 “Dishonesty” Language

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  • 804 Contract Committee Stands Firm

    Comm discussion

    Despite three long days of serious negotiations, the Local 804 negotiating committee has still not reached an agreement on a new Supplemental Contract. The union’s committee is demanding that the company: 

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  • 804 Committee Jump Starts Supplement Negotiations

    Yesterday, 804 negotiators met with UPS for the first time since members voted down the National Agreement and Local Supplement. Despite rejection by UPS Teamsters, the International is implementing the contract. We have let the IBT know that we adamantly disagree with the decision. But with the new 22.4 title presently a reality, Local 804 leaders are pressing for contract language to protect our jobs and reward members.

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  • Fight for a Fair Supplement

    Local 804 members have spoken! With a 95% no vote, we’ve made it clear that we are ready to fight! Like UPS Teamsters nationally, we rejected the Master Agreement and remain solidly opposed to the IBT’s undemocratic implementation of the contract. We are sending our signed petitions to Washington today!

    We aren’t going to sit back and let other people determine our future. Negotiating a new Local Supplement is within our power. Our negotiations will begin this coming week.

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  • Our Votes Count!

    Local 804 President Danny Montalvo has called on IBT General President Hoffa to resume bargaining and urged that he not implement the UPS contract that was voted down by UPS Teamsters.

    Montalvo wrote, ”To implement this agreement after the membership rejected it would undermine our union’s democratic process, and violate the IBT Constitution.” He stated that the company had not yet made a “final offer.”

      pdf Download the Full Letter to GP Hoffa (54 KB)

  • New Contract, New Vote! Sign the Petition.

    No Means No!

    vote yes or noUPS Teamsters made history when we voted to reject the 2018 agreement. Thanks to everyone who participated in Local 804’s “Vote No” push! Over one thousand more Local 804 members took part in the vote than in the 2013 contract vote. With a 95% no vote, we’ve made it clear that 804 members deserve a better contract.

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  • President's Message

    Pres Montalvo headshot

    One Union – Moving Forward!

    I am honored to serve as your Local President and to lead our negotiations. My main objective is to lead this union in the right direction. As one, we will reach our full potential: a powerful union that fights for what’s right. 

    Mutual Respect
    Too many workers face the horrors of racism and sexual harassment on the job. It isn’t right.

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  • Local Union Officer Elections

    Notice of Nomination Meeting and Election of Officers
    A Regular Membership Meeting of Local 804 IBT will be held for the purpose of nominating candidates for the President, Secretary Treasurer, Vice President, Recording Secretary, three (3) Trustees and six (6) Business Agents of Local 804 IBT. The terms of office for these officers will begin on January 1, 2019 and end on December 31, 2021. The meeting will be held on:

    Sunday October 28, 2018 , 10 a.m
    Local 282 IBT, 2500 Marcus Avenue, Lake Success, New York

      pdf Download the Notice (141 KB)

  • National and Supplement Rejected!

    Laurelton votes no

    Our voices have been heard! Local 804 members voted in historic numbers on the contract. More than 95% of Local 804 members voted NO on our Supplement - a higher percentage than any other Local.

    The final ballot count was 50,249 against and 42,350 for the UPS National Agreement. The Local 804 Supplement went down 3,209 to 157.

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  • Time is Running Out!

    We Voted No2det

      pdf Download the Flyer (1.56 MB)

  • Local 804 Members Are Voting No!

    Were Voting No1 pdf Download the flyer (1.15 MB)

  • Letter to the Membership

    One Set of Rules Det

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  • Villalta Prohibited from Holding Union Office

    VP Montalvo Appointed Local President 

    After learning that then President Villalta had violated Local 804 Bylaws and the IBT Constitution, a majority of the Local 804 Executive Board supported charges filed against Brother Villalta by Brother Tom Murphy. They testified against him at a Teamster Joint Council 16 hearing. Read the letter from S-T John Piccinich

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  • Aug. 24 Contract Update

    Contract Update Aug 24 det

    A large turn out will send a clear message to UPS - this is not the contract we deserve. Share that message with all your Teamster brothers and sisters.

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  • Justice Served: Combo Helpers Awarded Nearly $500K in Back Pay!


    A judge has approved the settlement for UPS to pay Combo Workers for the travel time that they should have been compensated for over the years. Back pay will vary from member to member, depending on average time spent traveling and length of employment. Because Local 804 covered the legal costs, the entire $494,967 will go toward paying members.

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  • Local 804 National Contract Reps. Oppose UPS Agreements

    vote no
    Local 804 President Eddie Villalta and VP Danny Montalvo informed the national UPS contract committee that the union opposes both the tentative national agreement and the Local 804 supplement. In a letter to negotiation committee co-chair Denis Taylor, they cited the creation of full-time Combination Driver positions and the lack of protections for Local 804 members as the reason for their no vote.

      pdf Download the Letter to Co-Chair Taylor (585 KB)

  • August 3rd Contract Update

    Local 804 Contract Update det

    The National Contract’s Article 22.4 “Hybrid Driver” was meant to
    relieve regular package car drivers. But Local 804 NO’s better! This new
    classification is a threat to good jobs in Local 804. We opposed the
    International as soon as these jobs were introduced.

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  • Standing Strong: July 20th Contract Update

    43st Update

    After a week of extensive negotiations, our Union Bargaining Committee again left the table without an agreement that we would put before the membership for a vote. Though the company is well aware of our reasonable demand to protect our members, they continue to seek unacceptable concessions.

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  • 804 Supplement Negotiations Continue

    UPS van NYC

    This past week, Local 804 joined many other locals that were brought to Minneapolis, Minnesota in hopes of reaching tentative Supplemental Agreements. Simply put, Local 804 and UPS do not agree.

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  • June 15th Local 804 Negotiation Update: Fighting “Dishonesty” Abuse

    Focusing on members’ top priorities of harassment and discipline, the Local 804 Bargaining Committee resumed contract negotiations with UPS On June 14th and 15th. At the prior meeting, Local 804 presented the Company with its Article 12 Discharge or Suspension proposal. This proposal was in response to the Company’s repeated violation of Article 12.

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