Business Agent Assignments

Here are the building and classifications represented by your Executive Board and Business Agents. 

If you have an issue, the first step is to talk with your Shop Steward. Your Business Agent is there to back up you and your steward.

43rd Street Package (2nd & 3rd Floor): Raul Molestina

43rd Street Package (4th Floor): Rocky DiPaolo, Raul Molestina

43rd Street Preload & Twilight:  Lawrence Grant

Brush Avenue Package, Preload, and Local Sort: Hector Fortis

City Harvest: Mark Cohen

Elmsford Package, Preload, and Local Sort: Mark Cohen

Foster & Fosterville Package: Dave Cintron 

Foster & Fosterville Preload and Local Sort: Dave Loobie   

Laurelton Package: Lou Barbone

Laurelton Preload & Local Local Sort: Dave Loobie  

Manhattan North Package, Preload, & Local Local Sort: Raul Molestina  

Manhattan South  Package: Rocky DiPaolo 

Manhattan South Preload: Dave Loobie

Manhattan South Local Sort: Lawrence Grant

Maspeth Package:  Anthony Cerulli

Maspeth Preload & Twi: Chris Williamson

Melville Package, Preload, & Twi: Lou Barbone

Metro Feeder: Tony Rosciglione

Mt. Vernon Package, Preload: Hector Fortis

Mt. Vernon Sort: Lawrence Grant

Nassau Feeder: Tony Rosciglione

Nassau Package & Preload: Scott Damone

Nassau Twi: Chris Williamson

P.A.E.: Tony Rosciglione

Queens North Package and Preload: Dave Cintron  

Queens North Sort: Tony Rosciglione

Suffolk Package, Preload, and Local Sort: Pete DePierro

Trump Village: Anthony Cerulli

Yorktown Preload, Package, and Local Sort: Mark Cohen