Local 804 members are holding rallies and parking lot meetings to show UPS we’re united to win the contract we deserve. 

Foster Avenue

In Melville, members held a parking lot meeting to get informed and involved. 


On Friday, things started early with a 3:20 AM meeting in the Farmingville parking lot for pre-loaders. Every classification and every shift is key to our contract fight. 

Farmingville Pre-Loaders

Then, we joined with roughly 200 members and community supporters for a big rally at Foster Avenue. 

Congressman Jamaal Bowman standing with 804

Congressional Representative Jamaal Bowman joined to pledge his solidarity, and members spoke about key issues, including:

  • Ending two-tier 22.4 and making all drivers RPCDs
  • No more excessive overtime
  • Raising part-time starting wages to $25 with catch-up raises for current part-timers
  • Creating more full-time jobs
  • No more driver-facing cameras & ending company harassment of drivers 
  • Winning justice for displaced workers

There are more rallies coming next week:

  • Laurelton on Tuesday, April 25 @ 8:15 AM
  • Nassau on Tuesday, April 25 @ 8:30 AM, 9 AM, and 9:30 AM
  • Metro Queens & Maspeth on Thursday, April 27. Drivers will meet at 8:15 AM and Pre-load will meet at 9:15 AM 
  • 43rd St on Friday, April 28 @ 7:45 AM, at the 12th Ave/43rd St Entrance