Record Pension Increases

The Local 804 and UPS Trustees to the Local 804-IBT Pension Plan have approved a $470 pension increase.

Read Local 804's Expectations for Shop Stewards

April and May are shop steward election season. Every dues paying member should know who their steward is and what their role is. Click here to view an outline of the union’s expectations for shop stewards. 

Print the EZ Grievance Form to File on Seniority Violations

Click here to access an EZ Grievance form that every steward should use to document the company's seniority and bid route violations so we can begin building another winning case. As always, we will keep all of you informed as we wage this battle. United, we win! 

Order Your Updated UPS Contract Book Now

Fill out the form to order a printed contract book when they are available. 


Steward Spotlight: Rod Vertigen & Junior Plummer

Shop stewards Rod Vertigen and Junior Plummer share what being a good shop steward means to them. 

Fight Layoffs & Excessive Overtime With Our 9.5 Rights

UPS Teamsters won stronger 9.5 rights in the new contract. It’s time to enforce them. The first step is for every package driver to sign up for the 9.5 list.

Fight Layoffs with Supervisors Working Grievances

Supervisors are not “helping” you when they do bargaining unit work. They’re eliminating jobs and taking money out of the pockets of members.

Read the Full National Master Agreement & Local 804 Supplement

A full copy of the new Local 804 Supplement is available for download hereA full copy of the UPS Teamsters National Master Agreement is now available on the UPS Teamsters app and at this link

Local 804 Celebrates Black History Month

During Black History Month, we celebrate the role Black Teamsters have played in building our union, and pledge to continue fighting for racial and economic justice.

MLK Day 2024: Delivering on the Dream

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is now a paid union holiday at UPS because UPS Teamsters organized to right a wrong. There will be no UPS deliveries or pickups on January 15.