Local 804 Honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

This MLK Day, Local 804 Teamsters took action to demand that UPS respect MLK Day as a paid holiday and deliver the dream of a better future for UPS employees. 

5 Ways to Get Involved in the UPS Contract Campaign

Contract talks will begin on February 6 with negotiations on our Local 804 Supplement. National contract negotiations will begin on April 17. Local 804 will be ready!

City Harvest Members Bring in Big Improvements

Members who deliver food to the city's neediest are harvesting big improvements in their new contract.

New City Harvest Contract Available

Local 804 Teamsters have ratified a new contract at City Harvest. 

Sign Up for the 9.5 List

RPCDs have until January 5 to sign the 9.5 List to protect yourself from excessive overtime. The list goes into effect on January 15. Being on the 9.5 list gives you the right to file a grievance for triple time pay and to have your load adjusted if you work more than 9.5 hours three times in a week. 

22.4 drivers are denied 9.5 rights under the contract imposed by the Hoffa administration. Local 804 members voted against that contract and then we voted Hoffa out. In 2023, we will fight for and win 9.5 rights and equal pay for all package drivers.

Pension Improvements for 804 Members

Local 804 has won major pension increases for our members, including a $300 increase in early retirement benefits. Effective January 1, 2023, the pensions for members who retire at 30-and-out and 25-at-55 will increase to $4,700 per month.

Applications Open for the 2022-2023 Dougherty College Scholarship

The Ed Dougherty Scholarship Fund awards scholarships to high school seniors who are the son or daughter of an active, retired, disabled or deceased Local 804 member.

Local 804 Stands in Solidarity With Starbucks Workers

This Thursday, November 11 Local 804 turned out to support striking Starbucks workers!

VIDEO: Local 804 Kicks Off UPS Contract Campaign

Check out our new video showing Local 804's UPS Contract Campaign Kickoff this August. Our Local mobilized actions at over a dozen UPS facilities in New York.

Local 804 Awards Donation to St. Mary's Children's Hospital

Today we had the great pleasure to present a check to St. Marys Children's Hospital in the amount of $93,000. The donation is for a great cause: children suffering from severe trauma and sickness.