General Membership Meeting Registration

The next Local 804 General Membership Meeting will be held on Sunday, May 23 at 10:00 am via Zoom. You must register in advance to participate. Click here to register.


Wrongfully Fired Members Returning to Work at Laurelton

Thanks to the solidarity of Local 804 members and support from the community, the ten wrongfully fired members are returning to their jobs at UPS in Laurelton. 

804 Mourns the Passing of John Brown

Local 804 mourns the passing of John Brown, a good man and a good Teamster. Brother Brown served on the Local 804 Executive Board with Ron Carey. 

His funeral will be held at Unity Funeral Chapels on Thursday, May 6. The viewing is from 10am to noon and the service begins at noon. The chapel will hold 75 people seated at social distance. Please wear your mask.  

Unity Funeral Chapels is located at 2352 8th Avenue 126th Street. For more information, call 212-666-8300 or see

Rally/Press Conference at UPS: Demand Reinstatement & Respect for Fired Essential Workers

Local 804 Teamsters will rally and hold a press conference at UPS to demand reinstatement and respect for ten essential workers who were wrongfully fired for declining voluntary overtime. Join us at UPS at 13640 Springfield Boulevard in Queens on Wednesday, April 28 at 11 am. 

Tell UPS: Respect Essential Workers!

The fight is on at the Laurelton building where UPS management has fired 10 part-timers in violation of the contract and basic human decency. We are united, the public is behind us, and we will win the reinstatement of our fired members. 

Union Hall Improvements on the Way

Members voted to approve funding for long-overdue repairs and capital improvements to our Union Hall in a special Membership Meeting on Sunday, March 28.

Teamsters Now, Teamsters Forever

A union panel has found former Local 804 officers not guilty of the charges against them and reversed the suspensions from Teamster membership of Tim Sylvester and Jim Reynolds.

Lower Co-Pays & Other Health & Welfare Benefit Improvements

The Union and company Trustees on the Health and Welfare fund have agreed to benefit improvements without going to arbitration. Effective March 1,  2021 the copay will be reduced to $10, including for retirees. 

Dental implants have been approved through in-network Blue Cross dentists at the rate of two per year at no cost to members. This includes bone grafts if necessary, and anesthesia. Retirees are eligible for the in-network discount at in-network Blue Cross dentists. 

As soon as COVID vaccines are made available, Local 804 members and their immediate families will have zero copay. 

Local 804 will constantly look to improve benefits for our active and retired members. We look forward to more improvements and the continued growth of the Health and Welfare fund. 

One Union-One Goal. 

804 News Special Issue—What It Means To Be a Teamster

In this special issue of 804 News, we examine actions every 804 member can take to protect what we’ve won and build on it for the future.