Enforce the new contract protections that strengthen your rights on the job.



8-Hour Requests

Under the new contract, drivers only have to give three calendar days notice for an 8-hour request, down from five days.

The penalty for an 8-hour request violation is now two hours at double time.

UPS has to adjust your dispatch before your start time and make further adjustments during the day to make sure you complete your driver in hours as long as you notify management by 1pm.


UPS must give drivers a 24-hour notice before a supervisor’s ride, including the reason for the ride, and must provide documentation to driver and steward.

Don’t forget to use the online Local 804 OJS Questionnaire to document your ride.

Take Your Paid Time Off!

The new contract restricts “scheduled off” and penalizes members who work their vacations.

Before management marks you “scheduled off,” you must use all paid off. This will curb staffing abuses by UPS and stop the company from shorting our pension fund.

Anyone who works their vacation without prior authorization from the union shall pick their vacations last the following year. This will reduce side deals that take prime vacation weeks away from our brothers and sisters and gives them back to the company.

Take your paid time off. We fought for it. We’ve earned it. Don’t give it back to the company.


The new contract strengthens drivers’ 9.5 rights and we need to use them. The 9.5 list becomes effective on January 15.

If your 9.5 rights are violated four times in a calendar year then a compliance meeting must be held within 45 days. Continued 9.5 violations after that are eligible for quadruple time penalties.

In addition, the contract allows triple-time monetary penalties if UPS over dispatches drivers on the remaining two days of the week.

More Paid Time Off

Members will get two additional sick days per year.

We also won the right to take up to one week of vacation into individual days, payable at nine hours for full-timers and four-and-a-half hours for part-timers. OPHs are no longer capped at three per center.


All members can request a transfer to another building. Full-time insider workers must transfer to another hub.