The Executive Board and BAs of Local 804 wish you a Happy and Blessed Labor Day. 

Remember there is no CEO day. No UPS day.  No Corporate America day. It is Labor Day. Brought to us by the struggle of Unions.

This is a day to honor YOU. Especially now, during this pandemic.

Do not lose sight that whether it's a UPS worker, nurse, construction worker, MTA employee, fireman, police, electrician, cement worker, and many others, you all built this country and especially now, keep it moving.

Do not let any management person tell you otherwise. Without us, there is nothing.

It took me a few years to realize I’m not a UPSer. I’m a TEAMSTER that works for UPS.

Three day weekends, health and safety, overtime, holidays, healthcare, pensions. These are all bought and paid for by blood and sacrifice.

This is your day. You are all part of the Labor Movement.

Please remember that. Management does not forget which side they are, and they are always coming for more. 

Help each other and help build our Union.

You and many others are the bedrock of this country.

Solidarity and Happy Labor Day,

Vinnie Perrone
Local 804 President