UPS Teamsters won stronger 9.5 rights in the new contract. It’s time to enforce them. The first step is for every package driver to sign up for the 9.5 list.



If you did not sign up for the 9.5 list in January, you can add your name anytime by filling out a 9.5 Add/Cut Form. Click here to print a copy of the 9.5 Add/Cut Form.  

After you sign up, if UPS works you over 9.5 hours three times in a week, the company must pay triple time for all hours you work over 9.5 hours on any day during the week.

If the company violates your 9.5 rights more than five times, you can have the local hold an elevated meeting with the District Labor Manager.

If the company continues to violate your 9.5 rights after the elevated meeting, you will be paid quadruple time for every hour worked over 9.5 hours.

Use 9.5 to Protect Yourself

“Eighty to ninety percent of the drivers in Melville are on the 9.5 list. Getting on the 9.5 list doesn’t just keep you from getting overworked, it also protects others from layoffs. If management has to take the work off the drivers on the 9.5 list, they have to put that work somewhere. If everyone files, it creates more work opportunities.” 

Frank Bucheli

Melville, Alternate Steward