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Paid Time Off

Members will get two additional sick days per year.

We also won the right to take up to one week of vacation into individual days, payable at 9 hours for full-timers
and 4.5 hours for part-timers.

OPHs are no longer capped at 3 per center.

Two OPHs per year can be rolled over into the next calendar year.


New vacation schedule:
1 year = 1 week
2 years=2 weeks
6 years=3 weeks
13 years=4 weeks
19 years=5 weeks
25 years=6 weeks

We also secured improved overtime rights for part-timers—overtime now paid for work on a sixth punch.

Grievance Procedure

Contract cases will be heard six times per year instead of two. Six cases per year can be expedited, instead of
two. The grievance backlog must be reduced!

The company will no longer send disciplinary notices to employee’s homes.


Stewards will bid out open routes.

Package centers for area purposes are now broken down as: Manhattan, Bronx-Westchester, Queens, Brooklyn, and Long Island. This will provide more options for bumping into “area work” if laid off.

Seniority insiders going driving have the right to work before non-seniority driver trainees in the building.

Insiders can now use their seniority to fill permanent openings in their building instead of being restricted to their center.
Orientation class will now count towards seniority, so new employees will now need about 35 days on the job to
attain seniority.

Members going driving shall have their days count until the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Layoffs & Bumping Rights

If a full-timer is laid off in a non-hub building and forced to split shift, after two weeks they will be given the opportunity to work in a hub building so they can get eight consecutive hours of work.

Part-timers who are laid-off can bump non-seniority or lower seniority part-timers in other centers or buildings.

Transfer Rights

All members can now transfer to other buildings. Full-time insiders must transfer to another hub.

All members are eligible to apply for a hardship transfer.

Other Changes

Before being “scheduled off” the company must use all paid time off. This will curb abuses with staffing and stop UPS from shorting our pension fund.

Anyone who works their vacation without prior authorization from the union shall pick their vacations last the next year. This will reduce side deals that take prime vacation weeks away from our brothers and sisters.

Click here to download the entire Local 804 Supplement Tentative Agreement