One Union. One Goal.

I was talking to an active steward the other day. What he said hit home.

This is what he tells new members when they make book. It’s good advice for every Teamster.

The company didn’t give you anything except an opportunity.

You have EARNED the job through sweat. You do it for yourselves and your families.

Think of all the times they said, “Go home. We have no work for you.” Lies. We fought for an eight-hour guarantee. It’s up to all of us to protect it.

Think of all the times they bragged about how much the company pays us. Lies. UPS didn’t give you your salary or benefits. Together, we fought for every penny and every contract protection as a union.

Think of the times they said, “You need to move faster.” Lies. We fought to keep production standards out of our contract. We owe the company a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay.

Management has a right to a reasonable performance. We have a right to dignity and respect.

Think of the times they tried to discipline you or your co-workers without just cause. Management does not have the right to twist what happened, to harass, or to intimidate.

You have: The RIGHT to work eight hours.

The RIGHT to vacation.

The RIGHT to OPHs and request loads.

The RIGHT to bid on jobs.

The RIGHT to dignity and respect.

The RIGHT to file grievances without retaliation.

The RIGHT to workers’ compensation if you get hurt.

The RIGHT to come to work without fear of harassment.

We have many rights contractually and by law. Do not give your rights away. Do not let anyone in management tell you that you owe them. You earned it.

Unions fought for these rights.

As a local we are doing everything possible to unite members and hold the company accountable.

As Teamster members, it’s up to all of us to enforce the contract and to have each other’s backs.

One Union. One goal.


Vincent Perrone