One Union. One Goal.

The challenges are enormous. UPS does not give a damn about you. I can’t say that enough. And if you don’t believe me, just look at their actions.

The company is making record profits, more than $10 billion in 2022. That’s after taxes.

Shareholders got rewarded with extra dividends.

And what about the employees who break their backs and were there every day for their customers and the public during the pandemic? What did Brown do for you?

They unilaterally ended Market Rate Adjustments and cut the pay of part-timers, their most exploited employees.

They displaced 22.4s to do inside work before the profits from peak were even in the bank.

Management can’t even get members’ pay right. We have been battling payroll errors for over a year.

We are taking these problems head on. As we go to press, we are working on a lawsuit against UPS for illegally ending the MRA without the one-week notice required by state law.

We are preparing the most aggressive contract campaign this company has ever seen and I can’t wait to get started.

We will be forming a Contract Team to mobilize our membership and a Negotiating Committee where rank-and-file members will have a seat at the table.

We will be conducting a Contract Survey to get every members’ input on what we need to fight for in this contract.

But more than your input, we need your participation. UPS corporate bosses in Atlanta don’t care about what you want. But they care very much about what you’re willing to fight for—and how hard you’re willing to fight.

You need to start preparing now for 2023 and that includes saving your money. Starting now, every member should be setting $50 to $100 a week aside in the event we need to walk.

You may have heard that before. This isn’t before.

In his last interview before taking office, Sean O’Brien didn’t pull any punches about what will happen if UPS comes up short at the bargaining table, saying “We will put them on the street.”

The best way to avoid a strike is to be prepared for one. We are taking on a historic task: winning the best contract in UPS history and positioning our union to organize Amazon.

That’s not Sean O’Brien’s or my job. That’s up to all of us and we are up to the task.

Be active. Participate. Stay on the same page with one another. You’ll be asked to step up.
Answer the call.

One Union. One Goal.


Vincent Perrone