Last weekend, Local 804 had a productive meeting via Zoom with our Safety Committee co-Chairs.

804ups72_thumb.jpgMuch of it centered on getting back on track and policing safety violations in the buildings.

Throughout the COVID pandemic, safety committees have been stressing PPE. They have done a great job and thought outside the box.

The company downplayed this pandemic from the beginning, which says a lot.

UPS management doesn’t care about your personal safety. They only care about their packages, and fines from OSHA.

The only reason UPS even agreed to safety committees was to prevent getting fined.

They are union safety committees. The committees set the agenda and topics to be addressed.

Through the years the company has continually tried to water down, divert and corrupt our committees. That’s never going to stop.

Don’t Be Diverted by Management

It is the company’s responsibility to provide and distribute PPE, not ours.

We ask that our committee members start scaling back and reduce the amount of members handing out PPE and put the onus on the company to do that work.

This will free up time for safety committee members to walk the buildings and document violations they see regarding CDC restrictions (such as two in a truck), equipment, fatigue, hazmat, load quality, egress, overweights, sanitary conditions, and general building safety.

Peak is here. UPS has been running full blast the entire pandemic. There is no way their operations are ready for peak.

We know we can count on the help and dedication of all our safety committees, stewards, and members.

One Union-One Goal.