President's Message—Spring 2024

Summer’s here. The weather is heating up and so are the company’s efforts to disrespect our members and violate our contract.

Local 804 is fighting back. Do your part.

Displacements & Split Shifts

UPS management doesn’t give a damn about you or your home life. They’re proving it yet again by displacing our members and scheduling them on split shifts.

We are aggressively taking the fight to management with grievances, fighting the diversion of our work, and fighting for schedules of eight consecutive hours.

Do your part. Put in supervisors working grievances. Management should not have their hands on our work period—and especially not when our members are displaced and working split shifts.

Contract Enforcement Victory

Local 804 won an important arbitration victory that is helping part-timers across our local and across the country to enforce their daily guarantee.

Part-timers are guaranteed 3½ hours of work every day. Do not give up your daily

Under no circumstances can management pay you under three hours. Enforce your rights.

Route Bidding

Open cover drivers have the right to bid daily for their routes. Local 804 members are unique in the country in having this right. We’ve fought for it. We’ve won it time and again. And we will continue to fight for it and win. See page three for more on this issue.

Pension Increase

The Local 804 and UPS Trustees have approved a $470 a month increase in the full-time pension.

This is the third increase in five-and-a-half years, totaling $1,170 a month in improvements.

The 25-at-55 and 30-and-out pension will be $5,170/month on January 1. To be eligible for the higher rate, you must work at least one compensatory hour in January.

It’s your pension. Make sure you are here to collect it. Follow the methods and work at a sustainable pace that you can sustain for a career.

Friends don’t let friends be runners.

Beat the Heat

We won stronger heat safety language in our contract. It’s time to use it.

Use the language in Article 18 to make UPS deliver adequate ice and water to every worker on every shift. UPS must respect your rights to take a break and cool off in a cool zone when that’s necessary to protect yourself.

Learn more about these rights on page five and talk to your shop steward and business agent.

Management won’t protect you. We’ve got to protect each other. One union! One goal!