Steward's Toolbox


Shop Stewards Tips Stewards are the first people in line to enforce the contract and fight management bullying. Here is a list of tips for old and new Shop Stewards.  


Stewards Rights Q & A (Interview with Robert Schwartz) This series of questions and answers offers a look at some of the basic steward’s rights and how management can, and cannot, respond in various situations. Read more


Grievance Form Use this form to file grievances when management violates the contract. Download it here.  


E-Z Grievance Form Management files certain parts of our contract on an almost daily basis. Click here for a list of partially filled out grievances forms for major issues. 


Using 'Just Cause' to Fight Unfair Discipline Understanding 'Just Cause' can help protect Teamsters from discipline or discharge. Click here for a comprehensive explanation. 


The 'Just Cause' Checklist Use this helpful checklist to determine if management has 'just cause' in a discipline case. 


Tips on Resolving Potential Grievances Sometimes it may be best to informally resolve an issue before grieving it. Click here for a list of useful tips on how to do that.


The Art of Taking Notes Taking notes is essential in enforcing the contract. Here is a guideline on how to take effective notes. 


Using Information Requests to Win Grievances Using our union’s legal right to file information requests from management can help stewards defend members and enforce the contract. This right is established by the National Labor Relations Act. Find out more here


Shop Steward Guidelines to Fight Supervisors Working All over the country, supervisors working is costing Teamsters money. Here's a guide to fighting this key issue. 


Your Right to Use an IPAD for Grievance Handling UPS loves to use technology to hound employees. Now shop stewards can give management a taste of their own medicine. Find out how here


Stewards Guide to Enforcing the National Contract Here is a guide to enforcing the national contract. Note its for the 2013 contract, which is still in effect. Once the 2018 agreement is finalized, we will post an enforcement guide here. Read more