Get over $177 an hour in penalty pay by using the smart strategy for supervisors working grievances.



Supervisors are not “helping” you when they do bargaining unit work.They’re eliminating jobs and taking money out of the pockets of members that want extra hours.

Take action and put that money in your pocket instead.

The new contract supercharges our supervisors working grievances by creating a new quadruple time penalty for violations by supervisors that are repeat offenders.

At the current full-time top rate, that’s over $177/hour.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a part-timer or a full-timer. You can get that money by working with other Local 804 members and using the smart strategy for supervisors working grievances.

Here’s how the smart strategy works. Article 3 of the Supplement outlines the steps management must take before working, including using a call-in list.

Ask your steward to find out the three most senior full-timers on the call in list and get their contact info.

Talk to the full-timers on the call-in list and show them this article. Work out a system in advance on how you will coordinate with each other and how you will split up the supervisors working grievance money (50/50, 60/40, etc.)

When you see a supervisor working, ask if they used the call-in list. They will probably lie and say they did.

Talk to the top members on the call-in list and confirm that management never called. Then file a grievance under the full timer’s name and rate.

The first two violations will be paid at double time. But the third violation by the same supervisor is eligible for the quadruple time penalty under the new contract.

Use the Sups Working E-Z Grievance Form 

Local 804 has made an E-Z Grievance Form so that the correct articles are listed. Get a copy of this form from your Business Agent or download it from the 804 website. It will save you time and mistakes. But you still have to add in key details.

Make sure to fill out the top right of the grievance to include the name of the supervisor spoken to and the date. The new contract requires all management personnel to wear ID badges, not just name tags, and to provide their name upon request.

Include the details about where the supervisor worked, what work they did, and how long they worked, and witnesses if any. Then talk with your steward.

The grievance should be filled out in the name of a top-rate full-timer on the call-in list if you want to make UPS pay the maximum penalty.

Click here to download the Supervisors Working E-Z Grievance Form.