The Change We Want Starts With Us

New Contract

 A new Local 804 Supplement has now been ratified with nearly 80 percent approval from the membership.

By now, most members know about the gains, including a $400 pension increase and 110 new full-time 22.3 jobs.

The credit for these improvements goes to you, the membership. You united and Voted No by 95 percent, and that gave us the leverage we needed to reboot negotiations and win improvements within the confines of what we can negotiate on the supplemental level.

None of what we achieved in our supplement changes the frustration we feel that the national contract was   imposed after members voted it down.

None of the gains we won will do away with two-tier 22.4 hybrid drivers or fix substandard part-time pay.

I challenge every member to be more active in our union. Be more involved. Vote. Speak out. Participate. The change we want starts with each one of us.

Enforcing Our Rights

The new contract is now in effect We are ready to enforce it

Business Agents and Union Representatives are at the buildings every day.

We are getting fired members back to work by settling backlogged grievances where we can, and by taking on the company at the grievance panel where we have to.

We are committed to informing and educating the members of Local 804.

We have sponsored Business Agents and members to attend labor seminars so everyone has the tools they need to enforce the contract.

More Than a Job

Local 804 is about more than a job. We’re a family.

This month, we’re proud to announce the fourteen winners of College Scholarships from the Ed Dougherty Scholarship Fund.

We are holding seminars to help members with financial planning, whether you’re looking to retire or save money for your kid’s college.

Summer’s on the way and that means our union picnic, the Labor Day parade and the Doc Dougherty Golf Tournament, too.

My thanks go out to the members who make it all happen. It’s an honor to serve you.

Vincent Perrone