UPS is imposing layoffs. Get a run-down on your union rights and what you can do to protect yourself and your brothers and sisters.

The first three affected buildings are Suffolk, Foster and Laurelton. We will hold management to the contract. (Article 13, Section 9 Reduction of Staff)

No Regular Package Car Drivers can be laid off as long as 22.4s drivers are working.

As a 22.4, you have the right to use your seniority to:

  • Work out of another building where there are trainees.

  • Work two inside shifts at your 22.4 rate of pay.

  • Take a layoff and file for unemployment.

Don’t Help UPS Lay Off Teamsters

Don’t cut corners, give favors, or cut deals that help management lay off Teamsters. 

Use your contractual rights to keep our members working. 

  • Take your full lunch between the third and fifth hour.  

  • Follow the methods.

  • Don’t work your vacation.

  • Don’t work out of classification.

  • Do not take a Code 26 Scheduled Off. 

  • Stop working and secure the vehicle when you have a leaking package and wait on the clock for a responder to clean the spill.

  • If you see a supervisor touch a package, grieve it.

  • Get help with overweight packages.

What the Layoffs Say About UPS

Management doesn’t care about you, their essential workers.

UPS profits are at an all-time high. Stock prices have more than doubled during the pandemic.

And our members are being put in the street. 

This is a time to rethink the favors you’ve done for your center manager or supervisor.

Contract negotiations are coming up. Pick a side. It’s time to stick together for our jobs and our future.