Together we stood up to UPS and a historic contract victory. Read the full tentative agreement here.

The tentative agreement includes:

No More Two-Tier 22.4: All drivers currently classified as 22.4 will be reclassified as Regular Package Car Drivers, placed in seniority, and have their pay adjusted to the appropriate RPCD rate. 

Wage Increases: All current UPS Teamsters, both full-time and part-time, will get $7.50 in raises over the life of the contract, including $2.75 on August 1.

Current Part-Timers: All current part-timers will be paid at least $21 an hour immediately—and make a minimum of $25.75 by the end of the contract.

Longevity increases: Part-timers with over five years of service will receive an additional longevity increase over and above their general wage increase. Including the GWI, a 15-year part-timer will get a $9 increase; a 10-year part-timer will get an $8.50 increase; A 5-year part-timer will get a $8 increase.

Full-time 22.3 Jobs: UPS must create 7,500 new full-time inside 22.3 jobs by combining 15,000 part-time jobs.

Part-Time Starting Pay: Starting pay for part-timers will be raised to $21 immediately and go up to $23 by the end of the contract.

Martin Luther King Day will be added as a paid holiday.

Higher 9.5 Penalties and stronger 8-hour request language.

No Driver-Facing Cameras: There will be no driver-facing cameras or audio or video recording devices. Outward-facing cameras cannot be used for discipline. 

Higher Supervisor Working Penalties.

Part-Time Transfers nationally and locally. 

Health & Safety: The contract includes a variety of improvements to protect workers from excessive heat, including air conditioning, additional fans, heat shields, and air induction vents.

This is just some of what we won. proposed contract includes more than 60 changes. Read a summary of them here. 

Download the Full Tentative Agreement