Your Eight-Hour Guarantee and Seniority on Holidays

Package Drivers

Package Drivers who work on holidays have the right to their 8-hour guarantee (paid at double time) plus the holiday pay.  This makes the day after Thanksgiving or New Year's Eve a triple time day.

Unlike a regular workday, if you volunteer to work the holiday, you must request the 8-hour guarantee in writing.  Contact a Steward or Business agent if you need help with this. 

Remember, for any other day, you do not have to request your guarantee: you are automatically afforded the opportunity to earn not less than eight hours pay.

Air Drivers

Air Drivers, whether part-time or full-time, have the right to their normal daily guarantee if you work on holidays. The daily guarantee is paid at double time.

Seniority & Work Assignments on Holidays

Work on holidays must first be offered to full-time air drivers, before being offered to part-time air drivers.  After that, UPS can force part-time air drivers from the bottom of the seniority list, then full-time air drivers from the bottom of the seniority list.