Vince Palifka is a pain in the ass. He’s also a perfect example of what it means to represent the Teamsters Union out on the road and in our communities.

Earlier this month, while doing his pickups, Vince came across a situation that was completely out of the ordinary and rather than ignore it and go about his business, he decided to go the extra mile. Thanks to his dedication, an elderly woman and her family were able to retrieve their $8,000 and the authorities were able to pursue another horrendous case of senior citizen scams.

The woman was nervously attempting to ship a small box overnight. The shipping clerk alerted Vince and he followed up with LP. Vince’s worst fears were realized when they found that the box was being shipped to an abandoned house. It turns out that the woman had received an anonymous call saying that her grandson had been arrested and she would have to send $20,000 in cash to ensure his release. She told the thieves she could only get her hands on $8,000 and they instructed her to send it overnight to the address later found to be made up.

Thankfully, the story has a happy ending and this is due in no small part to the dedication and service of our longtime member, Vince. Our thanks and appreciation go out to him and all the proud Teamsters that serve their communities so well.

One union – one goal.