UPS fired Prescott Solomon after accusing him of stealing time.

molestina_thumb.jpgBut the 23-year driver won his job back after Local 804 exposed the company’s case and managers who were instructing Solomon to falsify records. One manager has been demoted. Another has left the job.

“The union really fought for me,” Solomon said.

Good union representation is not a get out of jail free card. Members need to follow the methods—and management needs to follow the rules.

What To Do If You’re Questioned by Management

Ask for Your Steward: Do not talk to management without your union steward.

Keep It Simple: Answer management’s questions with clear, simple answers. Don’t fall for fishing expeditions.

Take a Break with Your Steward: You have the right to take a break during the meeting to talk to your steward privately. Fill your steward in on important facts and to get on the same page. Keep Your Cool: Don’t let management get under your skin.