In a win against trumped up falsification charges, 22-year driver Morley Purvis won his job through the grievance panel—with three months full back-pay.


cintron_thumb.jpgThe company accused Purvis of falsification, but he had been following the same methods for years and management never issued a warning or instructed him to enter his deliveries differently.

“My Union Rep set the story straight and we won,” Purvis said.

Don't Fall for the Falsification Trap

Following UPS’s methods is the best way to protect yourself from being disciplined for dishonesty.

  • Take your breaks when you’re supposed to. Package drivers must take and complete their lunch between noon and three.

  • Record the stop at the stop, even if it’s less efficient.

  • Do not claim that you made a delivery attempt when you did not.

  • Do not record a stop when you’re back at the building.

  • Do not enter a closed commercial stop as a “not in” residential stop; record it as missed and let your center know through the DIAD.

  • If you are instructed to mis-sheet a package, make an entry in your remarks like “Directed by Sup” so it’s in your delivery records.

  • If you know in advance that you may deliver your air late, notify a supervisor and ask them what to do. Put the decision back on management. Note their instruction in your DIAD.

  • Remember, you will not get fired for missing a package or delivering an air package late. But you can face discipline for knowingly entering the wrong information into the DIAD.