Can Management Discipline Me for My Numbers?

UPS drivers owe the company a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay. This is clearly spelled out in Article 37. Drivers who are trying to cheat the system can be disciplined.

But our union contract which management signed does not recognize any production number: not over-allowed, SPOHR, or any other numbers.

Of course, that doesn’t stop management from trying to use these numbers to harass and discipline drivers.

One Local 804 member even got a warning letter because he was “only 98 percent effective.” In school, 98 percent gets you on the Honor Roll. At UPS it gets you called into the office!

United, we can defend drivers from unfair discipline.

Get a Warning Letter? File a Grievance.

If UPS is coming after you for production, they will try to build up a case over time.

If the management gives you a warning letter, talk to your steward and file a grievance.

“If you don’t, the company can use it against you later, including in arbitration. Protect your work record and your personnel file.”