Check your mailbox! Your ballot to vote on the Local 804 Supplement was mailed to you on March 26.

Your Local 804 Executive Board and Negotiating Committee unanimously recommends this new agreement, which includes improvements and protections that benefit every UPS Teamster in Local 804.

  • Guidelines for the implementation of hybrid drivers in the 22.4 classification.

  • Sunday work at double-time offered in seniority order.

  • Restoration of coffee pay bonus on January 1, 2021 regardless of pension funding level.

  • 110 full-time combo jobs in the 22.3 classification.
  • $400 pension increase retroactive to August 1, 2018.
  • An additional $.75 pension fund contribution for every hour worked (up to 40 hours) by every full-timer for every future year, regardless of pension funding level.
  • Restriction of cardinal sin with addition of “An employee’s failure to accurately recall details during an investigatory interview shall not by itself be considered dishonesty.” This combined with new article 6 language in the National Master Agreement and stepped up Article 4 enforcement will finally rein in the company's “dishonesty” abuse.
  • Expedited contract panel hearings.
  • 20 additional jobs in the porter and car wash classification.

Click here to read a complete copy of all contract changes.