We are in constant contact with the company on the issues that members are bringing forward—and we are demanding results and respect from UPS. Read an update from President Vinnie Perrone on where we stand.


Cleaning Supplies

Management said they are getting a large amount of  sanitizing supplies to clean buildings and trucks in every building. 

We all need to stick together and keep the pressure on to make the company comply with CDC and OSHA guidelines and protect members and the public. 

Overcrowding & Staggered Start Times

We insisted that start times should be staggered to reduce crowds. Management has agreed. A new schedule was posted. This is a temporary agreement to help reduce crowds. 

We've told management that there should not be two unloaders in the same trailer. 

Cleaning Crews and Protecting Our Work

We insisted on, not only outside cleaning crews but Teamster porters and car washers doing the work, including on Saturdays if they want.

Extra maintenance work is needed. The company should be bidding more porter jobs for our members.

Speak Up and Stay United 

If you see these things not getting done, contact your stewards and us, but also express your concerns to management.

This is always the first step in getting our issues and grievances heard and resolved. 

Safety and Health

If you feel sick do not go to work. If you are worried for your safety, it is your right to take time off. 

We have updated the Local 804 website with detailed information about your health benefits and paid leave options during this crisis.

We Demand Respect

I have told management loud and clear that Teamsters, especially UPS Teamsters, always rise to the occasion as we prove EVERY year during peak and beyond. 

We need the company to rise to the occasion, too.

Our stewards and members need to know that they are being not only “considered” as essential personnel, but being TREATED as essential personnel. 

You ALL move what America needs—and we won’t let the company forget it.

Union Pride & Power

As of now Governor Cuomo announced that all non-essential businesses will be closed. This will reduce contact and probably some deliveries. 

Trucking and transportation have been deemed “essential jobs." Fire, police, EMS, medical, MTA, transportation, telecom are vital at this time. Coincidentally ALL Union jobs. 

This is the time that this country will realize the importance of the “essential workers.” 

One Union! One Goal!


Vinnie Perrone
Local 804 President