Don't Fall for the Falsification Trap

Following UPS’s methods is the best way to protect yourself. Customers can track packages like never before. The new technology has changed how UPS does business. UPS is coming down on drivers for taking shortcuts that management used to look the other way on. Following UPS’s methods is the best way to protect yourself.

Don’t Flag Packages.

Don’t flag packages whether it’s a pickup or delivery and record them accurately. Record the stop at the stop even if it’s less efficient.

Sheet Missed Packages as Missed.

Play it straight. DO NOT claim that you’ve made a delivery attempt when you haven’t. DO NOT record a stop when you’re back at the building. DO NOT enter a closed commercial stop as a “not in” residential stop; sheet it as missed and let your center know through the DIAD.

Tell the Truth About Your Air.

If your air is late, then it’s late. If you know in advance that you may not make your commitment, notify a supervisor through your DIAD and ask them what they want you to do. Put the decisions back on management. Make an entry in the remarks column such as “directed by sup” so it is in your delivery records.

Sheet your packages accurately. If you are instructed to missheet a package by a supervisor, report this dishonesty to your shop steward.