Contract talks will begin on February 6 with negotiations on our Local 804 Supplement. National contract negotiations will begin on April 17. Local 804 will be ready!

Here are 5 ways to get involved. 

1. Stay Informed: Download the UPS Teamster App. Read contract updates. Ask questions.

2. Spread the Word: Talk to other members. Keep them informed, involved, and united.

3. Attend Parking Lot Meetings: Come before your shift and stay after to get the latest updates.

4. Participate in Days of Action: Stand together when UPS Teamsters across the country are standing up for contract improvements. The company needs to see we’re united.

5. Get Strike Ready: The best way to avoid a strike is to be prepared for one. Start a strike savings account.

Angie DeNero, Teamsters Local 676

Stronger Grievance Procedure

“The grievance procedure is too slow. When we put in grievances for supervisors working and 9.5 violations, management delays and we end up spending months on issues that could be easily addressed. We need stronger penalties when the company delays, time limits for the labor manager to respond and a sitting arbitrator to break deadlocks on contract grievances.”

Charlie Zamora, Mt. Vernon




Darrell Styers, Teamsters Local 391

No More Excessive Overtime

“This contract is a chance for us to end excessive overtime and stop UPS from working us to the bone. We’re fighting for penalty pay to be automatically paid if UPS violates our 9.5 rights and for drivers to have the right to bring their load back to the building on their third day working over 9½ hours.”

Eugene Braswell, Foster



Make UPS Respect 8-Hour Requests

“Drivers are tired of management sending us out on eight-hour requests with more than eight hours of work. We need stronger penalties for when the company violates our 8-hour requests. A driver should be able to make the request and have it honored without any backlash.”

Angel Rivera, Manhattan West




UPS driver package car

End Subcontracting

“Subcontracting is one of the biggest issues I see. I come to work and demand my eight hours no matter what. Subcontractors and PVDs shouldn't be doing our work.”

Terry-Ann Dacres, Foster




Higher Pay for Part-Timers

“Part-timers deserve a major wage increase. We also need to shorten the time it takes to get our holidays, vacation and other benefits. A year is too long to wait.”

Andrew DeDomenico, Melville





Matt Cavagrotti, Teamsters Local 519

Uniting to End Two-Tier

“We don’t have the same rights as RPCDs. We should have the same 9.5 rights, excessive overtime protections, seniority, and pay as regular package car drivers. We’re all union members—and we deserve the same rights. We're gonna stick together to end two-tier.”

Steven Salgado, 43rd Street