Thanks to the solidarity of Local 804 members and support from the community, the ten wrongfully fired members are returning to their jobs at UPS in Laurelton. 


After UPS wrongfully fired ten part-timers in Laurelton, Local 804 members, the labor movement and the public responded. Together, we relentlessly put the heat on management and we had our brothers and sisters backs.

A GoFundMe organized by shop steward Damian Contreras raised $6,000 to support the essential workers that management put in the street with no warning, no union representation, and no just cause.  

Rather than own up to their mistake, management doubled down on it, while constantly changing its story. First, they claimed job abandonment. Then, they claimed it was a job action. 

Now, management is trying to stick the members with a suspension. Local 804 has accepted no discipline in this case whatsoever.

The ten wrongfully terminated members are returning to work. Local 804 is taking the suspensions to the grievance panel where we will fight for no discipline and full backpay. 

Thank you to everyone who stood together to stand up to UPS's corporate bullying and unfair discipline. Together, we showed the company that we are essential, not disposable. 

One union. One goal.