More than 100 part-timers have won full-time jobs by enforcing our contract.

Any part-timer who works a shift of 8 or more hours 40 times in a 70-day period qualifies for a full-time inside job. This does not include shifts worked during peak: October 15 to January 15.

Enforcing the 40-in-70 language in our contract means full-time jobs with full-time wages, benefits, and pension for hard-working Teamsters.


christell-sm.jpgContract Enforcement Wins

“When I saw there was a way in the contract to become a full-timer, I did what I had to do with the support of my union. I am so excited and happy that I finally made it after six years as a part-timer.”
Christell Watkins, Maspeth



A New Beginning

“During the pandemic, I was working 8-10 hours a day. When I made 40 in 70, UPS denied it at first, but my shop steward and BA fought for me and educated us during the whole process. It’s a new beginning and I’m excited to get a place of my own, a car, and pay off student loans. I feel blessed and grateful.”
Anwar Johnson, 43rd Street


Persistence Pays Off

“Thanks to the current Executive Board, I finally received my grievance check for going full-time. It took me four years! Special shout out to Lawrence Grant and Raul Molestina. I followed up with them a lot about the status of my check and they looked out for us.”
Orlando Lindsay, 43rd Street


Proud to Go Full-Time

“I want to thank Vinnie, Rocky, Raul and Lawrence for all the help they have given me and for all the work they have done. I am very happy and satisfied with my new job as a full-timer.”
Astrid Valledares, 43rd Street



We Build a Career With the Union

“A couple of years ago the company gave me a job, but now the union gave me a career.”
Kevin Payne, Nassau