This MLK Day, Local 804 Teamsters took action to demand that UPS respect MLK Day as a paid holiday and deliver the dream of a better future for UPS employees. 

The UPS contract expires August 31, 2021. We're getting organized and ready to strike to win a contract that recognizes the dignity of all UPS workers, including: 

  • Equal Pay for Equal Work. End two-tier 22.4. Convert all 22.4s to RPCDs with the same pay and 9.5 rights. 
  • Create 25,000 new full-time 22.3 jobs. Part-timers need more opportunities for full-time jobs.
  • Living Wages for Part-Timers. $30/hour starting pay for part-timers. Catch-up increases for current part-timers
  • End MRA pay discrimination. You raise our pay, you keep it raised.
  • Create and protect good  jobs. Eliminate feeder subcontracting. Stop PVDs and app-based deliveries by low-wage subcontractors like Roadie. 
  • Stop harassment and unfair discipline. Fix the grievance procedure. Dignity, respect and fairness for every Teamster. 
  • Respect Martin Luther King Day as a paid holiday with no Teamster required to work on it. If the post office can respect MLK Day, so can UPS