Local 804 has reached a tentative agreement with UPS on a new Local 804 supplement that delivers major improvements.


Contract highlights include:

  • A $400 pension increase across the board
  • 110 new full-time 22.3 jobs for part-timers
  • Restrictions on hybrid driver work
  • Coffee pay restored on January 1, 2021
  • Improved Dishonesty Language
  • Twenty new car wash / porter jobs
  • Double-time pay for Sunday work
  • An additional request load
  • Expedited contract case hearings at the grievance panel

Not a single one of these improvements was in the contract offer that was put to a membership vote last fall.

“This victory belongs to the members,” said President Vincent Perrone. “The overwhelming No Vote by 95 percent of the membership sent UPS a clear message, and gave us leverage to win a better contract.”

“Contract negotiations were like night and day from last year,” said Bill Groll, a shop steward and rank-and-file member of the Bargaining Committee.

The Executive Board and Business Agents will be holding parking lot meetings and visiting buildings to discuss the contract and answer your questions. You will be mailed a complete copy of all contract changes.

A contract ballot will be mailed to you. We are working with the IBT to set up the mailing and counting of your ballots.

The Committee unanimously recommends a Yes vote.