Part-Timers and Inside Workers are organizing to protect one another and enforce our rights.

breakfast_thumb.jpgLocal 804 Vice President Chris Williamson and members have organized the Local 804 Breakfast Club to bring part-timers and inside workers together, discuss common problems, educate one another, and plan actions.

The Club has held two meetings so far and will host ongoing breakfasts open to all inside workers in different locations across the local.

The Club meetings are geared to educating newer hires about the union and our contract protections.

“We begin with talking about the contract, what is in the national master contract and what is in the 804 Supplement,” says Williamson. “Then we tackle issues like sups working and guaranteed hours, and grievance handling.”

Contact Chris Williamson at the Local 804 Union Hall to find out about upcoming Breakfast Club meetings.

jermaine_b.jpg“Part-timers really struggle to make their jobs sustainable. We need to fight for more guaranteed hours, better pay and benefits, and safer working conditions.

“I want to help keep the Breakfast Club going so we can inform more part-time and inside workers about our rights and build more solidarity in the union.”

- Jermaine Baptiste, 22.3, Maspeth.


Taking on the Key Issues

Sups Working & Getting Our Guaranteed Hours

Supervisors aren’t helping us when they do bargaining unit work. They’re taking money out of our wallets. Members lose out on the opportunity to work extra hours—even overtime.

Our union contract guarantees you 3½ hours of paid work every day. Don’t let management send you home early and don’t sign anything waiving your rights to your guaranteed 3½ hours. That just gives the company an incentive to push everyone to work faster. Do your job at a reasonable pace that you can sustain. And get your 3½ hour guarantee.

More Full-Time Jobs

Any part-timer who works a shift of 8 or more hours 40 times in a 70-day period (except during peak) qualifies for a full-time inside job. Enforcing the 40-in-70 language in our contract means you can win a full-time job with full-time wages, benefits, and pension for hard-working Teamsters. We’ve already won more than 100 full-time jobs this year.

Dignity and Respect

Don’t let management harass or disrespect you. If you feel like you’re being treated unfairly or discriminated against, talk to your steward or Business Agent.

william_d.jpg“At Nassau, we’re increasing communication between stewards and members in order to take on sups working, harassment, and pressure from management to leave early.

“We need to stick together to show UPS we’re serious about increasing penalties for sups working and winning other improvements for part-timers and inside workers in the next contract.”

- William Dougherty, 22.3, Nassau.