Local 804 Teamsters will rally and hold a press conference at UPS to demand reinstatement and respect for ten essential workers who were wrongfully fired for declining voluntary overtime. Join us at UPS at 13640 Springfield Boulevard in Queens on Wednesday, April 28 at 11 am. 


The company's actions defy logic and human decency. Each of the employees completed their work assignments and punched out without incident. When they returned to work, UPS terminated them without warning and without union representation. 

One of the workers is 8 ½ months pregnant and one is 7 months pregnant. Many of the workers have second or third jobs and/or childcare responsibilities. 

UPS is treating essential workers who have served our communities throughout the pandemic as disposable. 

UPS's actions clearly violate workers' rights under the contract. 

On Wednesday, workers and Teamsters Local 804 will rally and hold a press conference to demand that UPS reinstate the fired employees and treat all essential workers with respect.