Stand up for our right to daily bid routes. 

Management has been violating the contract by forcing open cover drivers to take weekly routes instead of daily bids.

They’ve also been violating the right of drivers to select a route when their regular route is cut.

To add insult to injury, the company asked stewards to dispatch routes to members. Dispatching is managements’ job.

Shop stewards do not help the company direct the workforce, and they definitely do not help the company violate the contract.

Local 804 is fighting back. Be a part of it.

Seniority rights are protected under Article 13 of the Local 804 Supplement.

Enforce your rights by filing grievances. Use the E-Z Grievance form available on the Local 804 website. Talk to your shop steward about filing a grievance.

“We all benefit by using the grievance procedure.”

We all benefit from seniority and the ability to pick our routes on a daily basis. It’s important for us to file grievances if the company violates that right. If the company wanted weekly bids, they should have bargained it in negotiations. What they’re doing now violates the contract.

We had a parking lot meeting to inform the members. We also use our WhatsApp group chat to educate members. If management violates your bidding rights, write down the dates and the specifics. Then file a grievance. The union has E-Z grievance forms, so all you have to do is pick what applies to you. Don’t be afraid to enforce your rights. There’s strength in numbers. They can’t target individuals if we’re all filing.”

Simone Martin, Foster Avenue