RPCDs have until January 5 to sign the 9.5 List to protect yourself from excessive overtime. The list goes into effect on January 15. Being on the 9.5 list gives you the right to file a grievance for triple time pay and to have your load adjusted if you work more than 9.5 hours three times in a week. 

22.4 drivers are denied 9.5 rights under the contract imposed by the Hoffa administration. Local 804 members voted against that contract and then we voted Hoffa out. In 2023, we will fight for and win 9.5 rights and equal pay for all package drivers.

May be an image of text that says 'UPS Package Drivers: PROTECT YOURSELF FROM EXCESSIVE OVERTIME IBT/UPS Month Building: Center: TEAMSTERS ups (Intial here) PACKAGE DIVISION NO,1 Signature GUu YES, NAM Sign want 9.5 the on the list 9.5 List'