Local 804 Meetings & Steward Elections Postponed

Per IBT instructions, our Shop Stewards Meeting and General Membership Meetings scheduled for May are canceled.

How to Reach the 804 Health Fund During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The 804 Health Fund Staff is working remotely. We are responding to all member calls and inquiries.

Pressure, Work, Communication. It Pays Off!

Masks and gloves are on their way to Local 804 members to protect members from the Coronavirus.

COVID-19: Press Release

Local 804 has issued a press release urging the city, state, and federal governments to assist in obtaining scarce supplies for our members.

Demanding Results & Respect from UPS

We are in constant contact with the company on the issues that members are bringing forward—and we are demanding results and respect from UPS. Read an update from President Vinnie Perrone on where we stand.

COVID-19 UPDATE: Health Coverage for UPS Full-Timers

The COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented. Your Teamster health benefits are here to protect you.

COVID-19 UPDATE: Health Coverage for Part-Timers

TeamCare provides the healthcare benefits for eligible UPS part-timers in Local 804.

Important Health Fund Update

The Local 804 Health Fund staff is working hard to ensure continuing service and coverage during the Coronavirus outbreak.

In preparation for any future federal or state-mandated closures or quarantines, please make your April payment to the Health Fund as soon as possible if:

1) you are a retiree who self-pays your monthly medical plan premium OR

2) you are on COBRA.

If you are a current full-time employee who is not on COBRA or a part-time employee, covered by TeamCare, you can disregard this message. 

Protect Yourself from the Coronavirus

Most people who become infected with the Coronavirus experience mild illness and recover, but it can be more severe for others. Here’s what the World Health Organization says you can do to take care of your health and protect others:

POSTPONED: March 21 Retirement Seminar

The Teamster Retirement Seminar scheduled for this Saturday, March 21 is being postponed due to COVID-19.

The seminar scheduled for April 4 seminar is currently still on. We will monitor public health advisories and keep you informed.