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International Union Dismisses Charges Against Local 804 Leaders

The International Union’s top leadership has dismissed all internal union charges against President Vinnie Perrone, Vice President Chris Williamson, Trustee Anthony Cerulli and Union Representative Scott Damone.

Back at UPS After Giving Up Hope

After 20 years at UPS, Christopher Barnes thought his career was over—but now, he's back to work at 43rd Street.

Meeting Fire with Fire in Elmsford

UPS management retaliated against an inside shop steward in Elmsford for filing grievances and policing the contract. Bad strategy!

Don't Talk to Management Without a Steward

A shop steward must be present whenever the company talks to a member.

BAs on the Job and in the Field

Representing the membership on the shop floor is our top priority.

Business agents are assigned to every building and every shift—and BAs are in the field every day.

Doc Dougherty Memorial Scholarships

The Ed Dougherty Memorial Scholarship Fund awards scholarships to high school seniors of Local 804 members.


The Fat Cat is Back!

Fat Tuesday came twice this year. When UPS management violated the contract by moving full-time 22.3 jobs from Melville to Nassau, the company got a very public visit from our union’s favorite feline.

Drugs & Alcohol are Off Limits @ Work

UPS policy states: "The unauthorized use, sale, or possession of alcohol and/or controlled substances is strictly prohibited while at work, on company property, or on company business.

This prohibition also includes use, sale, or possession of illegal drugs or improper use of controlled substances."

Every member needs to adhere to this policy in order to keep your job, and more importantly to protect your safety, the safety of your co-workers, and the general public.

This is common sense. But there have been a rash of violations of this policy.    

Don't gamble with your livelihood and your license. Follow the company policy and obey the law!

Members Approve 804 Supplement

Local 804 members have voted to ratify our new supplement by a 79 percent Yes vote. Members approved the contract by a vote of 1,724 to 441.