Local 804 Awards Donation to St. Mary's Children's Hospital

Today we had the great pleasure to present a check to St. Marys Children's Hospital in the amount of $93,000. The donation is for a great cause: children suffering from severe trauma and sickness. 

Be There to Kick Off Our Contract Campaign, August 2-4!

Local 804 will hold rallies and workplace actions all week to launch our campaign to win the contract we deserve at UPS. Check out the dates for the action at your building and make your plans to be there.

Safety Not Surveillance!

Local 804 President Vinnie Perrone put management on notice and on blast in a letter stating that our union will pull all Safety Committees effective Monday, August 1 for as long as management refuses to take our safety seriously. On Thursday, members rallied for Safety, not Surveillance. We will stand united to protect each other. One union! One goal!

Local 804 Member Goes the Extra Mile For His Community

Vince Palifka is a pain in the ass. He’s also a perfect example of what it means to represent the Teamsters Union out on the road and in our communities.

UPS Contract Negotiations

Our union contract covering 340,000 Teamsters at UPS nationwide and 8,000 in metro New York expires on July 31, 2023.

Organizing on the Inside

Part-Timers and Inside Workers are organizing to protect one another and enforce our rights.

Taking on Amazon

Amazon Workers in Staten Island Unionize.

Steward Spotlight

Lonnie has been a Teamster since 1990, and has been in Feeder for 10 years now.

Get on the 9.5 List

Get on the 9.5 list and make UPS pay for forcing RPCDs to work unwanted excessive overtime.

COLA Increase of $.82

All members at UPS who have completed their progression will receive a $.82 cost of living (COLA) raise on August 1.